HackNotts 2017 - QuizWipe

QuizWipe was the first hackathon project that I worked on, in 2017. I worked with my friends in the Scheduled Overs team and, over the course of 25 hours (the hackathon took place on the weekend the clocks went back) we made a game where the questions get easier to answer as time goes on. You play it by loading the game on a large screen, such as a TV or projector, and then connecting to the room you create on your phone (similar to how Jackbox Games work).

You earn more points by answering the question faster. The longer you take, the easier the question will get - this could be by a list getting more entries, the question rewording itself to contain more information, or the answers rewording themselves to get more information.

As this was my first hackathon, I learned a few things from it. One, don’t trust that the project will work perfectly during the demo (our server had a weird bug that would cause it to stop responding for periods of time, which wasn’t great in a game about responding quickly, and kind of wrecked havoc). Two, don’t try to pull a full all-nighter and expect that you’ll be able to do anything productive in the last 3 or 4 hours. And three, have fun! I went into the event with the mindset of wanting to get as good of a project as I could with my team, but in doing so I ended up missing out on some of the fun activities that the organisers had arranged, like “Slideshow Karaoke”.