Jungle Royale

Jungle Royale is RASA Studios’ first foray into the Minecraft Marketplace. It’s a minigame map with story elements, collectables and puzzles designed for both solo players and multiple players to be able to experience. Within the project, I worked on a number of elements:

  • Minigame Logic
    • I worked on implementing the logic for two of the minigames in the map. These were Temple Endeavour: a race game where players are eliminated if they fall too far behind the player in 1st place, and Crushing Walls: a game where safe positions must be found in a series of jagged walls that close in on the players.
  • Open World Mechanics
    • I worked on implementing some of the open world mechanics for the map. These included the high score and trophy system, the game discovery system (triggering dialogue when a mingame is first found), the collectable and puzzles systems, the progress system, and the scripted introduction sequence.
  • Metagame Systems
    • The majority of the "metagame" system (glue logic usable by each minigame to handle logic such as countdown timers and end detection) was written by other members of the team, but I implemented a few of its features. Notably, I worked on the music system and ambient sound system, which handled playing background audio both during and outside of minigames.

No RASA project is completed in isolation, and Jungle Royale was no different. Many different people helped and provided their input for different parts of the map, and overall it was very fun to be able to collaborate with so many people on this project.