Noxsquad Gameshow

The Noxsquad Gameshow is a fan recreation of a show called the Noxcrew Gameshow. Our recreation is produced by a group I’m a part of called RASA Studios, which has somewhere on the order of 20 members. Each episode of the gameshow features 2 teams of 3 contestants, and pits them against one another in a “best of 3” or “best of 5” set of minigames to see who will be the victor.

In the past, we’ve done these exclusively as livestreams, which brings an interesting aspect of all in-game systems having to work the first time, but throughout 2018, we’ve recorded a full tournament bracket with 8 teams and 24 contestants. This has been an incredible challenge for us, given the logistics of scheduling matchups across time-zones, but we’re now finally in the post-production stage. Currently, we hope that Season 1, as we’re calling it, will be released soon.

Within the RASA Studios team, I take on a variety of roles. These include:

  • Video Editor
    • In the past, I've focused my efforts as an editor on the assets used during our livestream shows, such as timers for the intro and breaks. I was also responsible for editing (and slightly enhancing) the video-on-demand (VOD) version of our fourth live episode, as well as the videos uploaded to our Twitter account in the run-up to the show airing.
  • Game Creator and Programmer
    • Without minigames, the gameshow project simply wouldn't work. Nowadays, within the team, we've agreed to use a consistent framework when creating our games. This means that a lot less time needs to be spent trying to implement the game's starting countdown timer and other elements that are the same across games, and instead we can focus more on ensuring the game logic is correct and bug free. This greatly helps myself and a friend during our bi-annual "GameJam" events - 12 hour livestreams where we make a minigame from absolutely nothing except an idea (our previous results can be seen here).
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Manager
    • I also run the team's Twitter account. This is mostly a small role, but really begins to take a life of its own in the run up to a live show (e.g. there was at least one tweet each day for three weeks in the run up to our fourth episode), or during one of our 24 hour charity livestreams (generally, each new segment of the stream has a tweet announcing it).